Frequently Asked Questions.

Please check out the frequently asked questions here.

How do I add my business listing?
To add your business to WK ads you first need to sign up for a free account. Once signed up and you have confirmed your email you need to click on create ad. Follow through the steps to create your listing once you have created your listing it will go into pending and wait to be approved by an admin from WK ads.
To delete your listing you need to be logged in to WK ads. Once logged in click on create listing ads and then manage you will then see your active ads, click on the right and select delete to delete your listing.
To delete your account click on account then profile and on the right hand side you will see a button that will say delete this will delete all your data from WK ads.
There are a number of ways you can upgrade your listing you can do this when you create a listing and select the upgrade or if you want to add a free listing to begin with you can then later go to listings then manage then edit your current ad and upgrade to the level that you would like.
If for some reason you didn't want your listing ad viewed from a country you can block this country while creating or editing your ad. For example if you were adding your listing to the country of Norway and you didn't want someone in France to see your listing you would select the country France to block.
You need to add a minimum of 3 photos to your listing and a maximum of 8 can be added.
We ask you to verify your mobile number so we know that it's your number and you have access to that mobile / whatsapp account we do this to prevent fake listing and fake phone numbers being placed on our network of sites. It's in your best interest to verify your number for your business.